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Country Estate BBQ Service

dh ALL INCLUSIVE COUNTRY ESTATE BBQ SERVICE Up to 100 Guests – $350 101 to 150 Guests – $400 151 to 200 Guests – $450 200 to 250 Guests – $500 INCLUDES: Buffet Tables With  Floor Length Ivory Linen Tablecloths Stainless Steel Chafers Wood Burl Risers Burlap Risers Wood Crates Filled with Wood Flatware Palm […]

Backyard BBQ Catering Service

dh ALL INCLUSIVE BACKYARD BBQ SERVICE Up to 100 Guests $250 101 to 150 Guests $300 151 to 200 Guests $350 200 to 250 Guests $400 Includes the following: Buffet Tables covered with traditional red & white checked oil cloth Stainless steel chafers Galvanized farm-style buckets for flatware and napkins Compostable three-compartment paper plates White […]

Smokin’ with Larry ~ Questions Answered!

Q: What makes a barbecue pit that burns only wood so special? A: No one says it better then the company that specializes in barbecue pits that only burn wood. Here is their explanation: “We pioneered the gas/wood combination pit in the 1970′s, but we discontinued it after only two years because we found that […]

Extended Studies: Articles & Blogs

Meathead, the Barbecue Whisperer knows his ‘cue. Learn what makes a good rib (and everything else about ribs!) at Important! Read a Reuters article that explains the relationship of grilling (as opposed to smoked BBQ) and cancer at What makes it Memphis style barbecue? Find out when you read Memphis: The Great BBQ […]

A Barbecue Origin Creation Myth As Told In Texas

You should know there is a lot of mythology and controversy surrounding the origins of barbecue. The following is my humorous spin on the legend that is widely accepted amongst Texans — but I’d be lyin’ if I didn’t tell you it’s just a load of bull to others… I am not a historian and […]

Introducing Regional American BBQ Cuisine

Like all types of cuisine, the roots of regional barbecue have evolved based on the types of animals and produce commonly available to an area. Mix in the cultural influences of the predominant ethnicity and that’s how there came to be different styles of barbecue. That means pork shoulders and whole hogs in the Carolinas, […]

Glossary of BBQ Terminology

Baby Back Ribs (or Loin Back Ribs): A small cut of ribs from the pork loin that includes the blade and center section of the loin. Weight should be 2 pounds or less, or as we say in the trade, 2 down. Barbecue: To slow cook meats over indirect heat of hardwood at a temperature […]

Grill vs Barbecue… Not The Same!

In California the terms “grill” and “barbecue” are used interchangeably. This is incorrect and nutsmaking to barbecue aficionados. The confusion is compounded when the same piece of equipment is used at home for grilling and barbecue. The two cooking methods are radically different. Grilling is a relatively fast, direct heat method of cooking. Food is […]