Extended Studies: Articles & Blogs

Meathead, the Barbecue Whisperer knows his ‘cue. Learn what makes a good rib (and everything else about ribs!) at AmazingRibs.com.

Important! Read a Reuters article that explains the relationship of grilling (as opposed to smoked BBQ) and cancer at www.rense.com.

What makes it Memphis style barbecue? Find out when you read Memphis: The Great BBQ Debate.

I thought I knew everything about Kansas City BBQ until I read this article from experiencekc.com

North Carolina barbecue is the best — just ask anyone from North Carolina! Or take a minute to read about this distinct regional style at www.nctravel.com

The origins of BBQ are hotly debated in fan circles. If you like your Que with a side of controversy, this article lays out some interesting questions on the origins of barbecue in black and white: Houstonpress.com.

What happens when a 5-start chef meets BBQ? This profile in the North Bay Bohemian tells the story of BBQ chef Larry Vito´s BBQ odyssey. Lone Star State of Mind.